Boundaries – 2




A break-up changes what you can say and what you can’t say, what you can do and what you can’t, how much to contact your ex, when to ask for a date etc. Many things that you could say or do when you were in a relationships are suddenly off limits.

A break-up also changes how your ex treats you or acts towards you. Someone who was so loving, caring and sensitive to your feelings when you were together can become cold, insensitive, guarded and sometimes manipulative. Some exes string you along or use you just because they can.

You can avoid a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings with helpful boundaries.

Healthy and firm boundaries increase overall respect and trust. They make it safe for you to be close to your ex without him or her fearing that you will intrude into his or her space, or take away his or her right to make his or her own choices or decisions. Good and healthy boundaries also increase your ‘value’ and emotional attractiveness.

If you are trying to get back your ex, it is a mistake to try to move forward with getting back together without clear boundaries of what is acceptable or unacceptable to both of you.

Dating Your Ex Boundaries is a 2-part document put together from my coaching notes.

Part 1 – Helps you with determining clear boundaries that’ll keep you safe, make your ex feel safe and improve the chances of getting back together. There are two exercises 1) how to come up with boundaries for yourself and 2) How to identify your ex’s boundaries that you may be violating.

Part 2 – Helps you communicate your boundaries firmly and clearly without alienating your ex. There are more than 24 examples of boundary communication scrips that you can use as is, or modify to suit your situation.



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