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Every text you send, every phone call you make, every face-to-face meeting counts… how you handle it will be the difference between getting back together – and not getting back together.


A client called me in tears. She had sent her ex one of those “I need some time and space to heal and I would appreciate it if you don’t contact me.” texts that “no contact” experts tell you to send your ex.

He wrote back “I completely agree. This relationship is so toxic that any kind of contact now or ever will pull us back to what we both don’t want. I’ll work on myself as you continue to work on yourself. We will both attract better people as a result. I wish you all the best in life“.

She desperately tried to explain that she only wanted some time and space to heal.

His response, “I respected your wish when you said not to contact you, now please respect mine and do not contact me again. Thanks for your understanding.

That’s not what she expected — and definitely NOT what she wanted. Her intentions were good, but things had suddenly gone from bad to worse.


“No contact” communicates confusing signals about what you want, and how you want to be loved.


Everyday I work with men and women who had the right intentions but made things worse with confusing signals and counterproductive behaviours… you’ve probably done a few yourself.

  • Begged, pleaded, told your ex how much you love him/her. (It didn’t change your ex’s mind).
  • Written your ex an email and letter apologizing or telling your ex what you think went wrong with the relationship. (All you received was a cold response or none at all.)
  • Cut off contact hoping your ex will miss you and contact you. (Your ex hasn’t contacted you or contacts you then disappears).
  • Told your ex you agree with the break-up. (And now your ex thinks you are moving on).
  • Done limited contact or are reaching out once in a while. (And things are going nowhere. You even feel that you are growing further apart).
  • Told your ex you want to start over, want a new relationship and even told your ex you have changed. (Your ex’s response?  “I am happy for you”.)
  • Told your ex you just want to be friends. (And you are slowly being friend-zoned or are already friend-zoned).


If you want something, your words and actions should communicate your intentions and what you want in a clear, honest and an organic way.


We don’t always choose how, when or who we fall in love with, but we fully control how we choose to be in a relationship

Since relationships start with FEELINGS, are sustained by FEELINGS and end because of how one or both people FEEL, it therefore makes sense that to attract back your ex, you must appeal to the FEELINGS that make them want to be in a relationship with you again.

How to create FEELINGS of attraction, affection, love and commitment to making the relationship work is what Dating Your Ex is about.

You can’t just go to your ex and say, “Let’s get back together”, “Let’s try the relationship again” or “I want us to start afresh.”

You have a history and that changes everything. You tried being in a relationship and it didn’t work, why would your ex believe that it’ll work this time around?

Even if your ex still loves you and wants to be with you, they will not take that next step to get back together if they can’t see how the relationship will work this time around.

Okay, so maybe you changed, did a lot of work to become a better version of yourself, that’s great! But how do you get to where you can show your ex that the relationship will work better this time around when they respond sometimes and don’t other times, when they respond in one-word answers and seem distant, when they seem interested until you bring up the relationship or getting back together, when they will not even meet you in person or go out on a date, when they say they see that you have changed (and are happy for you) but still don’t want to get back together, when you feel that no matter what you say or do, nothing seems to work?

You get to where your ex can see how the relationship can work better this time around by using the advice in Dating Your Ex.


If you have tried other “Get Back Your Ex” books, methods or programs, Dating Your Ex is DIFFERENT.


You will notice the difference in the very first few pages because unlike other books and programs, Dating Your Ex is based on a secure way to attach to someone you love both in attitude, words and behaviours.

Why is this so IMPORTANT? It’s important because securely attached people in general are confident about their ability to get close and ‘show love’ without being smothering, needy or pushy. They approach relationships with low to no anxiety , fear or avoidance and as a result have more success attracting back their ex.

Dating Your Ex WILL change your attitude, change how you contact your ex, and how you communicate and connect with your ex.

If you have attachment anxiety, Dating Your Ex will help you feel less anxious, not be needy and be more calm even in the most uncertain situations. You will be able to connect with your ex without acting out emotionally or worrying about negative outcomes.

If you have attachment avoidance, Dating Your Ex will not only help you overcome the fear of what you don’t want to happen, it’ll show you how to make what you want happen. You will find yourself less worried about getting hurt and more focused on what makes you emotionally attractive to your ex.

You’re not just working with a theory, you are working with PROVEN STRATEGIES, TOOLS, KNOWLEDGE and SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH gathered from years of hard work, one-on-one consultations with real people going through what you are going through – and refining what works, how and when.

Dating Your Ex will work for you whether:

  • You were together a long time or dated for only a few months.
  • Work or live together or are in a long distance relationship.
  • Are on friendly terms or struggling to make a connection.
  • Still strongly attracted to each other or your ex is currently seeing someone new.
  • Your ex doesn’t think he or she will change his or her mind or says he or she no longer feels in love.

It doesn’t even matter that you were misled and tried no contact or that you have done so many of the things you are not supposed to do. With a ROAD MAP to walk you through the process of getting back together, a CLEAR STRATEGY to keep you on the right path and ACTION PLAN to help you with the things you need to do to successfully get back your ex, you will feel confident to reach out to your ex, ask for a date and move him or her towards getting back together.

Dating Your Ex shows you what you need to KNOW, SAY and DO.


Break through emotional distance, resentment or negativity, rebuild trust, re-awaken feelings of love, create enough momentum and get back your ex faster.


I didn’t just write a book or program to make money, I’ve dedicated my life working with men and women one-on-one to understand what works and what doesn’t…

I don’t promise miracles or “sure fire” ways that’ll get you your ex back in “2 days”, or get your ex to come “crawling and begging” etc. I trust you to know the difference between a sales pitch and the real thing.

What I can promise you is the best possible change of not just getting your ex back, but of actually having the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted.


If you find my website helpful, you’ll find Dating Your Ex even more helpful. There is more information, more tools and text examples that you don’t get from the site.


The best thing about having a clear stage-by-stage guide is that instead of reading random articles which address random topics, you’ll can tell:

1) what stage you are in with your ex;
2) what you need to do more or less of to get to the next stage;
3) if there is momentum;
4) when things have moved to the next stage and;
5) when to ask your ex to get back together.

It not only keeps you focused on what’s most important, it saves you time wasted trying to figure out where you are and the quickest way to where you need to be,

Each of the stages lays a strong foundation for the next stage or milestone. Each of the stages also, especially the first one, builds your confidence and belief that you will get back your ex.


How important is getting back together with your ex to you, and what are you willing to do in order to make it a reality?


I receive so MANY comments and emails from readers who say, “I wish I had your eBook a week ago.”

It’s not too late. It’ll only be too late if you don’t take all the required actions to make attracting back your ex happen.

You can’t again say, “But I don’t know what to to to get my ex back”. Everything you need to get started, and keep making progress until you and your ex are back together is at your fingertips. You have no excuse for not at least trying.



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