It’s Just A Break-Up (Hardcover)




Many books on break-up healing offer advice on how to get over your ex and find love again. It’s Just A Break-Up is different.

Instead of looking at the break-up experience as a time to prepare for the next thing, It’s Just A Break-Up helps you heal and grow from the experience, so you can have a better chance of attracting back your ex.

The book draws from my entire career’s worth of helping clients at all stages of grief, healing, recovery, and dating an ex. It’s comprehensively well-researched to help you process your break-up in the healthiest way possible.

The break-up experience is one of the most painful processes in our lives, It’s Just A Break-Up will not stop you from experiencing the pain of the loss, but it will help you move through the grieving process as quickly as possible and let you move on to trying to get back your ex.

Working the many exercises provided in the book will aid in your healing, understanding of your patterns, beliefs and thought processes that contributed to the break-up, and transformation into a better and more emotionally confident person.

The focus is on you and permission to grieve and heal. But what makes It’s Just A Break-Up a must-read for anyone trying to get back their ex is that you will not only come out the other side healed and recovered, you will have the tools and skills to deal with the stress of trying to get back with an ex.

This is because It’s Just A Break-Up is not just about healing and recovery, it’s also about emotional resilience, that ability to manage emotional ups and downs with greater ease, and be flexible in a way that you face challenges head on confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way – and a lot comes your way when trying to get back an ex.

With It’s Just A Break-Up you will be working on your emotions and showing your ex that you are changing and becoming more emotionally resilient, emotionally mature and  emotionally intelligent. And your ex will see you “change” as it happens, right in front of his or her eyes.

Why is this important and crucial to getting back your ex?

  1. Most exes (and justifiably so) don’t “wait” for you to heal or take control of your emotions. Their lives goes on.
  2. Most people don’t believe people change, again justifiably so.. So many people say they have changed but it later turns out they haven’t changed at all. Exes are mostly suspicious of someone who disappear for sometime and reappear claiming that they have changed. But if they witnessed you changing, they are more likely to believe their eyes and ears, than believe your claim that you have changed.

The tools and exercises in the book are timeless. It’s a book you will be happy and proud to hand down to your children, grand children and generations to come. Used together with Dating Your Ex, the chances of getting your ex back increase dramatically.


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