Seducing Out Of Fullness Of Desire (Digital)





The word “natural” is popping up everywhere these days—in hit movies, seduction books, dating websites and even prime-time television shows. There is so much talk about “naturally” attracting a man or woman that dating, flirting and seduction gurus say virtually every man and woman these days is asking for advice on how to become “a natural” flirt, seducer or lover.

But what is it about “the natural” that’s so appealing? And more importantly, why are so many men and women these days interested in naturally free-flowing ways of attracting the opposite sex?

Generally, when people talk about or even think about the art of seduction, it is a specific series of actions, routines, or techniques that one learns and “does” to entice another person into doing what he or she would normally not want to do. It’s a game that uses charm and manipulation to create self-doubt inside another person. Once the other person feels uncertain about him or herself, they are susceptible to any kind of exploitation. This disenchanted interpretation of the art of seduction does not create attraction. If anything, it makes the opposite sex more suspicious of your intentions and more resistant to your advances.

Given the fact that exploitative seduction has impregnated our society, should we throw up our hands and give up? Certainly not! This upbeat and on-target book will show you a different side to the art of seduction—one that is a friendly and pleasurable precursor to a lifetime of love, trust, compatibility, passionate intimacy and happiness with another per-son.

Seducing Out Of Fullness Of Desire is different and fresh because of its explicit focus on seduction that is based on pure gravity – the sheer force of an energy also known in indigenous African cultures as the “fullness of desire” that’s essentially there, like an underlying surge of electricity that directs inner behaviour and is felt by those who are touched by it.

What is Desire? Let us see!

Webster tells us that it is: 1) “The natural longing to possess any seeming good; eager wish to obtain or enjoy,” and 2) “excessive or morbid longing; lust; appetite. ”

The original and true sense of “desire” as the motivating force or animating energy that runs the world has been lost because of the fear of its power to create and to destroy. In our fear-ridden minds, desire only destroys. So we are constantly told to beware of it even take measure to “kill it”. But without it, our lives lack the fire and passion that makes life worth living.

Like the fiery fire that desire is, desire when misused can burn anything in it’s path to ashes (dull, tasteless, unresponsive, lifeless), but when it’s power is harnessed, desire can generate the light, heat and steam that can accomplish anything!

The man or woman who can harness the fire of desire is not only able to use it, but can actually create more of it — in him or herself, and in others.

A good example of where the fire of desire can be harnessed — and created — is in sexual attraction and sexual relationships. Desire makes men and women quiver with sensation, anticipation and drive –pounding heart, faster heartbeat, butterflies in the stomach, sweating palms, weak knees, euphoria and so forth. The man or woman with fullness of desire draws on this energy and embodies it (it be-comes part of his or her make-up) making him or herself so sexually intense and by means of it ignite the fire of desire in another human being.

In some very sexually intense people you can literary see the sparks of desire flying from their person. Where i come from, they say men and women who are brimming with fullness of desire send off such powerful sexual vibes that even the wild animals in the nearby bush-es start pairing off.

While lookers, smooth talkers and social charmers can all have a certain “feel good appeal” they do not necessarily own a raw quality of sexual intensity — the keyword here is own. Many of them have really to try hard to seduce and attract the opposite sex. And even when they do seduce and attract someone they worry about how they will perform sexually.

Men and women with fullness of desire, on the other hand are casually and naturally sexy. They do not do much to try to appear sexually appealing, persuade or seduce. Their megawatt sexual confidence is effortlessly and abundantly there day and night, in and out of the bedroom, and whether they’re with people and or alone. It is this megawatt sexual confidence that gives them the aura of mystery, unfamiliarity and “out of reach” and makes them the rare and sought-after men or women.

And when a man or woman is this seductive you just know it… You feel it… And you never forget it. They are not performing seduction, they are the seduction — they wear sexual desire like a skin — it’s their nature, who they are.

They set a standard by which every other man or woman will be measured because they make life feel like one great big playing field where their playful seductiveness come out to play and to eroticizes everything else in their magnetic field including the people that come in contact with their energy.

Until now, the real secrets of this ancient art have been buried in obscure journals full of academic jargon and footnotes. In fact, so powerful is this knowledge that the ancients were convinced it was the secret of youth, health, and vitality. In traditional African cultures where the art of seduction (commonly known as the “delicate art of arranging to be caught”) is still part of the rites of passage to adulthood, it is believed to this day, that men and women with a natural sexual intensity have an effect on the opposite sex that ordinary males and females can only dream about. Any man or woman who wants to be in a relationship with these males or fe-males has to brush up on how to be a good lover or spouse in order to keep them interested.

Now you too can learn how to make yourself interesting, intriguing, and irresistible. Part of your appeal is your own individual energy—what the French call esprit. This is your most powerful seduction tool. In this book I will show you how to empower yourself to live out your essence—reclaiming what is real about you and re-creating your own identity, one that meets your needs and protects your personal boundaries.

Preparation is important to you. It significantly affects your chances of succeeding or failing in the use of this powerful medium. In fact, the first half of the book is focused on how to prepare you for the art of seduction—and for a meaningful relationship. You will get it “right” because of your ability to hold and express your own in a consistent, creative, interesting, challenging and mesmerising manner.

Some of the advantage-gaining qualities you will naturally cultivate using the principles in this book include:

1. Self-assured confidence: This is what this whole book is all about—developing inner confidence and communicating that fullness of being in ways that draw others to you. You will learn how to be fundamentally at ease in your own skin.

2. Lavish sensuousness: Sensuousness is a prerequisite for any kind of seduction that includes pleasure and this book shows you how you can enhance your natural sensuousness in ways that you’d never thought possible. You’ll be more exciting and interesting to the opposite sex because the expression of your sensuousness will be free and natural.

3. Sophisticated mysteriousness: Several chapters in the book make reference to just how important it is to be subtle in a playful way. The important thing is to be able to project an “edge” that is graceful yet edgy, rugged but still polished, friendly yet reserved. It’s this “captivating dissonance” that keeps the “want to know” minds of the men or women you are seducing engaged.

4. The look of mischief that has laughter and delight in the eyes: A whole chapter of the book is devoted to helping you use the eyes as a window to the untamed wildness of soul. This is a very interesting way of calling out to the primal in the opposite sex.

5. Relaxed vulnerability: If you want to transform yourself from someone who is too afraid, ashamed, or uncomfortable with the opposite sex, to someone who is bold and tries new things, this book will show you how you too can realize carefree fearlessness. You will feel comfortable to put yourself out there partly because you feel secure enough to just be your-self. This is not some magical solution for doing away with feared out-comes, rather it is about getting into the game knowing that some of those things which you most fear can happen to you but that’s okay because you can handle it.

6. Wit and humour: The entire book is about learning how to be generous with your time and your presence. By being able to see the “fascinating” in the most simple of things and the most ordinary of places, you will de-velop the kind of attitude that gets people excited just thinking of talking to you or getting to see you again.

7. Human warmth—sincerity, genuineness, simplicity, openness, empathy, and approach ability: You will learn how to express strong and authentic emotions, and affection. This will make you a much more interesting person who brings joy, fun, and inspiration to those around you, which will in turn make them want to be around you.

8. Exuberant vitality: Whether you call it living with passion, intensity of soul, drive, or bounce, it is all about responding to the basic impulse for a life that is fulfilling, satisfying, and purposeful. You will learn how to positively overflow with a genuine appetite for life—and for living.

The other part of your appeal is your ability to offer something more . . . greater . . . unknown. The second half of the book shows you how to send a strong signal that can create more interest and more attraction. You will learn how to create experiences that titillate the senses, prolong anticipation, heighten awareness, and engage a wellspring of primal emotions. The other person’s inspiration to participate in the experience will come from the pleasure he or she takes in his or her own involvement in the creating of attraction, not on someone pushing them to do things they already don’t want to do or to surrender what they don’t want to surrender.

As with any skill, you cannot become proficient simply by reading a book about it. Practice is essential in becoming a natural in the use of the art of seduction. To make the information in the book as immediately useful as possible, each chapter includes exercises to assist you in reflecting on and further integrating the principles in the book. I have also included many examples from my own personal experiences and those of my clients. Hopefully they will inspire you into deeper reflection and life-changing decisions.

The mystery of this forgotten and long-misunderstood timeless ritual may well be what you need to free you to be more whole and more passionate about life, and to stir you out of a depressed, lackluster, exhausted, or indolent state, into a state of excitement and industriousness in other areas of life.

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